Medical Advocacy

IKOR advocacy evaluates every medical, environmental and psychosocial aspect of a person’s life and examines how these elements ultimately affect each other. We integrate all elements of their life to ensure a comprehensive plan provides a more balanced, enriched and fulfilled life within their capabilities. The IKOR approach is effective across all ages, genders, races, cultures and lifestyles, and has consistently proven to change the course of a person’s overall quality of life. Our advocacy is successful in working with those whose issues are immediate and critical as well as those whose challenges are lifelong. To augment and enhance advocacy, we also provide ongoing quality assurance through our oversight program. Oversight of care, either in the home or in a facility, is done through regular, unannounced visits. With the surprise spot checks, our RN Patient Advocates can be sure all care orders are being followed exactly as specified. This oversight maximizes the value of the care service spending by ensuring delivery of all the services our client needs and maintaining a living environment which the client expects.

The areas of medical advocacy are specific to each client; however, these often include:

  • Medical Oversight
  • Professionals in Crisis
  • General Advocacy
  • Chronic Illness
  • Medical Advocacy
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Agent for Power of Attorney
  • Guardian of Person
  • Agent of Guardian – When a guardian has already been appointed, or a lay family member is chosen and doesn’t know what to do, IKOR can be selected by the guardian to be their agent. We can handle all court record-keeping needs and conduct on-site visits as required by law.
  • Predatory Issues – A major concern when assisting seniors or the disabled is the problem of predatory threats. These threats can take the form of physical, psychological or monetary manipulation. Threats may occur by a family member or friend, or from individuals who prey on the weak and disabled. IKOR, through the relationship established by our Advocates, can often identify the presence of predatory behavior and act quickly to deal with it effectively. IKOR has been instrumental in bringing predators before the legal system while assuring the client’s best interests are secure.
  • Personal Rights Protection – IKOR offers services that are created specifically to protect the safety and rights of the individual and to ensure their needs are met with respect and dignity.
  • Our Transparent System – IKOR believes that you are looking for answers and professionals you can trust who have the experience, knowledge and understanding to bring resolution to issues. We believe that open communication and transparency are critical toward building that trust. To assist in your needs, IKOR developed secure information systems to provide full disclosure of care in a safe and secure environment.

Contact Information

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